Crypto interest comparison

The crypto interest comparison presents the interest rates for different cryptocurrencies and platforms. Which product pays out the most interest on your coins? Check out the crypto interest comparison and compare with other providers:







Nuri1 %
BlockFi3 %3 %7,25 %7 %3,50 %3 %
CoinLoan5,2 %5,2 %10,3 %10,3 %5,2 %5,2 %
Crypto.com1 %1 %2 %2 %1 %1 %
Nexo5 %5 %10 %10 %5 %5 %5 %
SwissBorg0,3 %2,25 %2,75 %2,75 %1,5 %
Youhodler4,8 %5,5 %12,3 %12 %3 %5,5 %5,5 %

Last updated: May 2022

The following providers are not available in Germany and are excluded from the comparison:

Celsius Network, Linen App

How were the interest rates compared?

In the interest rate comparison, only the percentage was calculated that can be achieved WITHOUT the staking of additional Coins/Tokens. If a time limit is prescribed or offered as an option, the shortest time period was always used. Conversely, this means that in some cases somewhat higher interest rates can be realized than those indicated in the interest rate comparison. But since each provider has a different process, it’s hard to compare them. Therefore, the crypto interest rate comparison refers only to the interest rate that is guaranteed without any additional expenses.

What are crypto interest rates?

Crypto interest is distributed on special crypto lending platforms. Interest is paid as a percentage of the capital contributed and is provided in return for the cryptocurrency borrowed.

What are the maturities of the investments?

As a rule, these are flexible terms. This means that capital can be increased or withdrawn at any time.

Note: No investment advice. No liability for the information provided. Interest rates can change daily. Therefore, it is necessary to ask the provider about the interest rate before investing. When investing in cryptocurrency, there is a risk of losing the entire investment. Only invest money that you can lose.