About me

Hi, nice that you found cryptolender.blog on the World Wide Web. Not that easy with around 1.72 billion websites. I’m Ben and the author of cryptolender.blog. On my blog I want to share my experiences around crypto lending. At worst as a warning and at best as useful experience for this still young credit business.

Now some more information about me. I’m in my 30s and I work in the IT industry. With my girlfriend and a red tomcat I live on an old farm in NRW. I studied abroad, ran a company there for 15 years as a partner and have been personal intensively involved in finance since 2020. In addition to stocks, ETFs, and P2P lending, I’ve developed a particular enjoyment for crypto-lending, and on top of that, I think it’s a promising investment class for the future.

How do I invest?

Do I invest all my money in cryptocurrencies? Of course not and I wouldn’t advise that to anyone. Cryptocurrencies, like P2P loans, are an absolute risk business. I only invest part of my money here. Otherwise, I mainly invest in ETFs and stocks. I also play a bit with P2P loans and read up on real estate crowdfunding.

Why Crypto Lending?

Unlike other lending transactions, with crypto-lending it is certain that a loan can be repaid. This means that the borrower is always liquid and can service the loan at any time. As a result, crypto-lending raises fewer moral questions in my mind than other lending transactions. But I don’t mean to badmouth other asset classes. That said, I have the fewest moral qualms with crypto-lending.